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Flow Dividers

OT100 & OT200 flow dividers

• Group 1: Medium powers from 1,55 to 5,55 cc/rev
   Max flow 35 lpm
• Group 2: High powers from 4,10 to 30 cc/rev
   Max flow 80 lpm
• Reset valve option
• From 2 to 8 elements


The Brevini OT flow dividers assembly includes gear housings and inlet sections from extruded aluminium alloy and covers made in cast iron material. Thanks to this construction the Brevini OT flow dividers can be used in heavy working conditions and allow the transmission of high hydraulic powers. They also offer very good mechanical and volumetric efficiencies, a low noise level and limited weight. The Brevini OT flow dividers can be used as flow equaliser’s (with same displacement on each section) or as flow dividers (with different sections displacement). The Brevini OT flow dividers can be supplied with reset valves to correct any small mistake between two or more cylinders cycle.

Main applications

• Lifting platforms and bridges
• Hoisting of freight containers
• Lubrication systems
• Hydraulic bending and shearing machines
• Food processing machinery
• Automatic hydraulically driven machines

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