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New Brevini Network : ideas to compete

2nd September 2015

Brevini Network is the new " Open Business Network " that joins Brevini Power Transmission, Brevini Fluid Power, BPE Electronics, VPS Brevini, OT Oil Technology and IOTTI Hydraulic Cylinders. Its main goal is to show value added operating instrument to support traditional and online sales.

The network project, is entering into the operative phase, starting with advanced marketing. This project will unify Brevini Power Transmission, Brevini Fluid Power BPE Electronics, VPS, OT Oil Technology and IOTTI Hydraulic Cylinders.

“We have initiated the operative start for “BREVINI NETWORK”, explains the General Manager of Brevini Fluid Power, Vito Bonfede. “Because it can become an important competitive advantage. The first area of aimed collaboration among Brevini Power Transmission, Brevini Fluid Power, BPE Electronics, OT Oil Technology, VPS and IOTTI Hydraulic Cylinders will be the advanced marketing activities, the value added ones. Bringing together the potential of large, medium and small enterprises, we hope to give everyone a chance to grow.”

The Brevini Network will be an open one and its first objective is to share as “added value” the operative tools that support sales, both traditional and digital.

The participants in the launch of Brevini network were Renato Brevini, president of Brevini Group, Brevini Fluid Power and Brevini Power Transmission, Maurizio Brevini for Brevini Fluid Power, Stefano Iotti (Iotti Cilindri of Reggio Emilia) Angelo Becchi (BPE Electronics of Novellara), Fabrizio Cattani (Ot Oil Technology of Parma), Loris Saccani (VPS of Bologna). “It is an important choice”, continued Vito Bonafede. “The advanced marketing activities in the new global market are proving themselves to be fundamental in development and reaction to the crisis.”

The Brevini Fluid Power Marketing team will be the “motor” for the new network business. “In truth we have already been working in this direction, with energy and determination, for a while.” Says Renato Brevini. “We participate in International trade fairs for example. We have also started branches in common between the two Brevini companies and contact points with the other companies that are part of the group or are part of the synergy for applicational products and markets. We see a lot of potential, but we must do more and in a hurry.”

Please download the Brevini Network Leaflet below.

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