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Panama Canal Extension

11th November 2015

New Panama Canal: close to completion. Brevini played an active role in the project

Eighty-five percent of the construction work on the new Panama Canal (a 3.3 billion dollar project) has been completed, and for the Italian companies involved in this amazing engineering challenge, the end is in sight. Besides Salini Impregilo, which is part of the Gupc Consortium, Cimolai from Friuli and Brevini of Reggio Emilia are also among the participants. Brevini Power Transmission made the systems moving the sliding gates that will permit the transit of Post-Panamax maxi container ships.

Each of the three chambers that make up each lock is 55 meters wide, 427 meters long and 18 meters deep and is provided with horizontal sliding gates that make it possible to overcome a difference in height of approximately 27 meters between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and Lake Gatun.

The order placed with Cimolai, for a value of approximately 400 million dollars, required the construction of 16 sliding gates that are 28 meters tall, 58 meters long, and 16 meters wide. These gates weigh 4,500 tons and must open in less than 4 minutes. The entire opening and closing cycle lasts 43 minutes and is repeated about 33 times a day. To move these complex power transmission and hoisting systems with the maximum safety and reliability, Cimolai Technology chose Brevini Power Transmission of Reggio Emilia, which will supply 34 “Posired 2″ in-line gear units manufactured by its subsidiary PIV Drives in the Bad Homburg plant in Germany for a total value of more than 3 million euros.

“The tender for supplying advanced components for the new Panama Canal required months of preparation,” said Brevini President Renato Brevini. “We are satisfied to be able to tangibly contribute to the confirmation of Italian excellence, which is playing an important role in this extraordinary project.”

International commerce will change completely when the new canal will open in mid-2016, and Panama will become one of the world’s most important commercial traffic hubs. Italy will be able to proudly say that – at least for the next 100 years – it contributed to this success story.

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