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BPH - Bevel Planetary Helical


  • Quick availability and short delivery times.
  • 7 harmonically developed sizes, from 3,900 Nm to 35,000 Nm of nominal torque,
  • Up to 4 reduction stages
  • Special seals (labyrinth seals or double seals with separate grease-filled chamber) that protect against lubricant leakage and contamination.
  • Output hollow shafts: cylindrical with keyway, cylindrical hollow shaft for shrink disc, and splined shaft.Input versions with adaptors for IEC, NEMA and hydraulic motors, flexible and fluid couplings, clutches and torque limiters.
  • Accessories such as torque arms, shrink discs, backstops and brakes, oil filtering and cooling systems.

Shaft Mounted Bevel Planetary Helical Gearboxes

These compact shaft mounted POSIPLAN gear reducers feature a combination of planetary and bevel helical gears that takes advantage of the strengths of each technology: compact size, reliability and easy maintenance. The BPH series of right angle gearboxes combines one slow helical stage with a pair of Gleason bevel gears and one or more planetary stages. The design of these compact gear units is based upon precise analyses using FEM techniques, which means performance, duration and silence. These lighter, more compact gear reducers surpass traditional solutions, ensuring shorter production times and lower production costs.

Technical Data

Nominal Torque 3,900 … 35,000 Nm

Transmission Ratio up to 2,000 iN

Certifications: Certification ISO 9001

Sectors: Hoisting & Cranes Technologies | Plastics & Rubber Technologies

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