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Cetop 5 - AD5I - Automatic Reciprocating Valve - Null Flow


  • Cetop 5 / NG10
  • Automatic reciprocating at null flow
  • No need for electrical devices
  • 320 bar operating pressure
  • 100 l/min max. 10 l/min min.

These automatic reciprocating valves, with interface UNI ISO 4401-05-04-0-94 standard, reverse the movement of an actuator every time the flow through the valve stops. With no max. pressure valves inside the body, the spool is moved by two springs and locked by unbalanced pressure inside the valve; when no more flow is crossing the valve, the spool changes the position inverting the direction of the actuator.

With a preferential starting P to B and A to T position, these valves are mainly used to control the movement of compactors or systems where it is not possible to use electrical devices.

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