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Cetop 5 - AD5RI - Automatic Reciprocating Valve - Pressure


  • Cetop 5 / NG10
  • Automatic reciprocating at a set pressure
  • No need for electrical devices
  • 320 bar operating pressure
  • 70 lpm max and 6 l/min flow

This valve type is characterized by fully hydraulic operation, as it takes advantage of the system pressure rise to cause an automatic and continuous inversion of the utilization. The changeover takes place when the system pressure exceeds the inversion valves calibration pressure, and therefore also in not predetermined positions. At the end of the cylinder stroke, the overall maximum pressure valve should be adjusted on a value 30% higher than the system operating pressure.

The inverter valves pressure calibration values should be 15% lower than that of the overall maximum pressure valve, and 15% higher than the maximum operating pressure.

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