DW winches


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective




Compact, lightweight construction with hydraulic orbital drive, with direct pull of 500daN for the DW050 model and 900daN for the DW090 model. They are ideal winches in applications where ease of use and cost-effectiveness of the solution are the main requirement.

Use the table below to help you select the winch which suits your requirement and then go to downloads to get the dimensional and specification information on your chosen winch.

DW Series

DW Name

Line pull first layer


Line pull last layer


Rope lenght


Rope diameter




DW050 DW050 500 405 38 6   Round
DW050 DW050L 500 405 91 6 Long Drum Round
DW090 DW090 900 705 52,5 8   Round

Larger rope capacity available on an outside layer if required with reduced line pull performance.

Technical Data

Line pull first layer: 500 … 900 kg

Certifications: Certification ISO 9001

Sectors: Marine Technologies | Hoisting & Cranes Technologies | Mobile Technologies

application/pdf DW050.pdf (503.3 KB)
application/pdf DW050L.pdf (502.52 KB)
application/pdf DW090.pdf (504.58 KB)
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