MC Series

The MC series of mini power packs are designed to provide a rational, economical and flexible solution in the majority of applications where this device is used. The MC2 version is designed to move single-acting cylinders. The MC4 version is designed to move single- and double-acting cylinders, utilising stackable blocks for CETOP 3. Versions MS2 and MS4 are variations of the MC2 and MC4 models in that they are designed for the integration of a VCDF valve (fixed compensated lowering control valve).


  • Mini hydraulic power pack
  • Group 0.5 - 1
  • Single and double-acting cylinders

• Group 0.5 and 1 pumps from 0,25 to 9,8 cc/rev
• Maximum pressure: up to 290 BAR
• DC Electric motors from 350 W to 3 KW - 12 - 24 - 48 V
• AC Electric motors up to size 100 / 112 with direct coupling or B14
• Lowering device with 2-way, 2-position solenoid valves or progressive manual control
• Plastic or metal tanks up to 25 litre
• Possible to mount stackable blocks for CETOP 3 solenoid valves
• Possible to mount hand pumps for emergencies
• Possible to integrate fixed and adjustable compensated throttle valves
• Horizontal or vertical assembly

Typical Markets
Forklift trucks | Aerial platforms | Lifting tables |Road barriers| Lifts for garages | Hydraulic Tailgates | Dock levellers| Snow ploughs | Industrial automation

application/pdf MC2_catalogue.pdf (2.2 MB)
application/pdf MC4_catalogue.pdf (1.44 MB)
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