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S-Series Planetary Gearboxes


  • 13 harmonically developed sizes, from 34,000 Nm to 2,500,000 Nm nominal torque.
  • In line and right angle execution up to 6 reduction stages.
  • Output versions: female splined, hollow cylindrical for shaft-mounting, male cylindrical and male splined shaft.
  • Input versions: male input shaft, electric and hydraulic motors arrangements, possibility of multidisc brakes.
  • Available in a wide range of input and output accessories.

Superior performance

Brevini “S Series” is the best solution for all applications requiring high torque with minimum dimensions, on fixed industrial equipment and heavy self-propelled machines. This planetary solution offers a substantial improvement in terms of space and weight.

The S series is also available as High Power version, linking the performance of Brevini’s planetary technology with the high quality and reliability of PIV Posired series of right-angle gearboxes: a solution that is more efficient, quieter, more compact and offers a better price / performance ratio compared to traditional gear units.

Technical Data

Nominal Torque   30,000 … 2,500,000 Nm
Transmission Ratio   up to 8,000 iN
Certifications   Certification ISO 9001
Sectors    Heavy Duty Technologies| Marine Technologies|Green Technologies

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