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V-Series Hoist Drum Drive Units


  • Monoblock housing design
  • Five different sizes
  • Wide speed range
  • Load range from 0.5 to 40 tonnes
  • Designed for double- and single-speed brake motors
  • Solid output shafts with spline according to DIN5480
  • GG20 - GG22 cast iron housings
  • Power panel can be mounted directly on the drive unit
  • Industry-specific connection types
  • Suitable for different mounting positions

Brevini V-Series gear units are three stage, helical-geared hoist drum drive units. Featuring a monoblock housing, all axes are machined in a single operation to achieve high precision in their production. Bolted connections are made directly on the housing through connection holes. This permits the use of shorter bolts and ensures rigid mounting. Input and output center distances are as far apart as possible to allow the use of larger drums to achieve longer rope service life. The V series has a long output shaft bearing distance and an extended housing width. With the help of longer bearing distance and taper rolling bearings they have the capability of withstanding high radial loads. The V series gear units are designed for higher ISO/FEM classes with longer gear face widths compared to other products of a similar size. The housing material is GG20 – GG22 cast iron and gears are made of high quality case-hardened steel. Material properties as well as manufacturing processes are continually controlled. The gearboxes have a solid output shaft with spline according to DIN 5480 and are produced to various dimensions. V series gear units are designed for double-and single-speed brake motors. They are available in five different sizes with a load range from 0.5 to 50 tonnes.

Gearbox Size

Minimum Drum Diameter




Ratio Range


VR373.1K 140 4/1 3,2
VR473.1K 170 4/1 6,3
VR573.1K 266 4/1 12,5
VR673.1K 295-325 4/1 20-25
VR773.1K 405 6/1 40
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