Winch Drives


  • Flexible to all drum dimensions and lifting specifications.
  • Hydraulically operated, mult-disc, negative lamellar brake
  • Performance figures refer to FEM standards, class M5 (T5-L2) for output speeds of 15 rpm.
  • Type Approval Certificate from Det Norske Veritas.

These Brevini planetary gear units with rotating outer casing are designed to fit into the winch drum. The performance of both the PWD and SLW-SLC series has been rated in conformity with FEM M5 standards with an output speed of 15 rpm, the world standards on the market for self-propelled and onboard cranes. Brevini winch drives are the ideal solution for all lifting applications: our planetary gear are especially designed for use as winch drives inside cable drums, available with hydraulic and electric motor adaptor. The SMW Series have a planetary pre-stage reduction gear on the input side. They feature two close-mounted flanges, one of which is attached to the winch frame and the other of which is fixed to the cable drum, the drive housing therefore acts as the main drum mounting.

Technical Data

Torque (FEM M5-T5-L2) 10,000 … 850,000 Nm

Transmission Ratio up to 190 iN

Certifications: Certification ISO 9001

Sectors: Marine Technologies | Hoisting & Cranes Technologies

application/pdf pwd2100.pdf (127.75 KB)
application/pdf pwd3150.pdf (222.49 KB)
application/pdf pwd3200.pdf (170.91 KB)
application/pdf pwd3300.pdf (174.27 KB)
application/pdf pwd3500.pdf (219.83 KB)
application/pdf pwd3700.pdf (262.21 KB)
application/pdf slw3003.pdf (74.03 KB)
application/pdf slw4003.pdf (75.29 KB)
application/pdf slw6003.pdf (74.57 KB)
application/pdf slw8503.pdf (75.57 KB)
application/pdf smw12004.pdf (77.51 KB)
application/pdf smw18004.pdf (83.26 KB)
application/pdf smw25004.pdf (90.63 KB)
application/pdf smw35004.pdf (95.83 KB)
application/pdf winch-drive-installation-and-maintenance-manual.pdf (1.59 MB)
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