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XDP.5 Cetop 5 - Proportional Directional Valves Open Loop


  • Max. Operating Pressure Ports P/A/B 320 Bar
  • Max. Pressure Port T (dynamic) 250 Bar
  • Max. Pressure Port T (with external drainage) 320 Bar
  • Nominal Flow 45/60/100 L/min

The open loop valves of series XDP control the direction and the volume of the flow according to the feeding current to the proportional solenoid. Each delta pressure variation on the valve leads to the variation of the capacity which has been set, anyway the valve guarantees a high inner compensation grade and limits the adjustment capacity. Performances shown in the technical sheet in the download area, are guaranteed only using 2 or 3 way modular assembly hydrostats type AM.5.H… S5 variant – This variant that consists of the solenoid chamber drainage separated from the T line and obtained on CETOP RO5 interface allows operation with up to 320 bar max, back pressure on the T line. To ensure maximum solenoid valve mounting safety and supplementary drainage, only 12.9 material fixing screws must be used with it.

application/pdf XDP.5.pdf (196.3 KB)
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